Non-Commissioned Officer Corps


SMSgt. Charles “Chuck” Grosvenor
SWR Command NCO

The Civil Air Patrol’s Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Program is off and running, and we are looking for interested members to join our ranks. The CAP NCO Corps is a diverse group of individuals, each bringing unique professional knowledge, skills, and abilities they have attained in their years of military service to our country. They are well suited to mentor CAP’s members in the methods and procedures of military organization, leadership and management. The CAP NCO Program is also designed to provide commanders with greater access to the professional military knowledge that the NCO Corps can readily provide.


NCOs are eligible to hold any position within CAP, including pilot, except those normally reserved for officers (such as Unit Commanders), and will be assigned to any CAP organization level: Squadron, Group, Wing, Region or National Headquarters. Where possible, assignments will be rank-appropriate and take into consideration the member’s professional development training, professional military skills, and professional and personal goals. CAP Senior NCOs (MSgt, SMSgt and CMSgt) may be in charge of a unit designated as a flight (if there is no CAP officer assigned); however, NCOs are not authorized to command a Squadron, Group, Wing or Region.


Note: Current or former military members who have held the grade of E-4 (Senior Airman or equivalent), that wish to hold a CAP NCO grade may be appointed to the grade of E-5 (SSgt.) after completion of Level I.